JTAG Tools Video

The video aboveĀ is an introduction to the 3 tools that comprise the XJTAG product line.

  • The first tool is called XJAnalyser – XJAnalyser helps you to bring up prototype hardware and to trouble shoot bad boards in a manufacturing environment. The tool provides a graphical view of of any JTAG enabled device on you board and allows you to interact with it. This unique tool allows you to peek and poke the status of any pin touched by any of your JTAG enabled devices, even if there is no physical access on you board.
  • The second tool is called XJDeveloper – XJDeveloper is the IDE used to create tests to be run in a production test environment. The tool is designed to make it easy to create tests by using off the shelf libraries, while allowing you full access to the source for the libraries so that you can easily extend them or write new tests to meet your needs.
  • The third tool is called XJRunner – XJRunner is a GUI that allows you to run the tests produced in XJDeveloper. The GUI makes it easy to add looping and dialogs to your tests and also to limit the tests avail by user access level.

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