Boundary Scan

Quick Navigation Why Boundary Scan?What Can You Do With it?Chip Level TestingBoard Level Testing Boundary Scan TestingValue Throughout the Board Test Life CyclePCB Design Phase: Design for Test (DFT) FactorsPCB Prototype Debug and Bring Up PhaseProduction Test PhaseField Service and Repair PhaseWhere to Get the Boundary Scan Spec Boundary Scan is a technology used to […]

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JTAG Boundary-Scan Vs. JTAG Emulation (ICE)

One question that I often hear is: “What’s difference between JTAG Boundary-Scan Test and JTAG Emulation or a JTAG ICE?” First off, these two methods share common functions such as: hardware bring-up, device programming and even some basic hardware test functionality. The big difference is that test systems are designed to do extensive hardware testing of […]

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Free DFT White Paper

  We have created a Free Boundary SCAN DFT_Guidelines white paper which you can refer to as you design your new hardware. Download your Free DFT_Guidelines White Paper. When designing new hardware that employs JTAG/Boundary SCAN, and surface mount ICs, it is critical to adhere to design for test (DFT) guidelines. Provided that you have […]

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