Boundary SCAN Training

Highly technical hands-on class with JTAG Tools and demo hardware provided!


* Next Class is Scheduled for 11am-2pm EST, 11 MAR 2020

Contact us to Sign up for this free half-day class covering the technology and uses of Boundary SCAN for test, development and production engineers.

Today, more than ever Boundary SCAN has become critical to success in board bring-up, test and repair.

This hands-on, practical class is a great way to see if Boundary SCAN is right for you and your company.

Discover how Boundary SCAN can be used in all phases of product development and test to reduce costs, reduce time to market,  improve test coverage and overall product quality.

This half-day class will cover the following:

  • A Review of the key IEEE 1149.x standards used today
  • How to communicate over JTAG (hardware design and communication  methods will be addressed)
  • Using JTAG Boundary SCAN Tools to interact with JTAG and NON-JTAG devices. (FPGAs, CPLDs, RAM, ROM, Processors, etc..)
  • How to test a board or system using JTAG
  • Design for Test (DFT) rules for best test coverage and interaction
  • Finding opens, shorts and stuck-at faults using a JTAG “connection test”

Location: On-Line via Web  (Call 1-800-928-6038,  for On-Site Lunch and Learn versions at your facility)

Cost: Free of charge

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