live webinar

Actionable Analytics from your Production, Repair & Test Data

Thursday April 21

1:00 p.m. -1:45 p.m.EST

April 21st

1:00 pm EST

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Manufacturing Intelligence can give you clarity and help you to improve throughput while reducing failures and improving yield - this webinar will explain how. - this webinar will explain how.

● Do you know the yield you get from your production line?

● How do you define your KPIs?

● Does everyone in the organization agree and understand KPIs in the same way?"


We’ll show how your production, repair & test data contains vast manufacturing intelligence which can be collected, analyzed and liberated by WATS to address these issues and deliver significant productivity and product quality improvements.

Production, repair and test data can be difficult to compare with other test information. This can be partially due to the data coming from different sources, with different owners with different levels of integrity.


A lack of standard understanding of terms such as yield or key performance indicators (KPIs) can cause issues. The goal should be to turn this disparate data into a single, trusted view, of manufacturing test information.

We discuss why it’s important for a company to use a common language and have a shared understanding of terms such as yield,KPIs etc. and what the consequences can be if this is not the case.


Finally, we will demonstrate how moving to a digitized view of your manufacturing data can be straightforward and will quickly improve your companies productivity, product quality and reduce repair and warranty costs.

Presented by Etoolsmiths and Virinco