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The Altera ByteBlaster II pin out is shown below. The JTAG signal are show along with there pin numbers. Our XJLink JTAG controller hardware fully supports this pin out as well as many other standard programming and confoiguration cabled. Since our  XJLink controller can replace the BYteBlaster II cable

For additional information on the cable, fully supports Altera CPLD configuration and configuration, it can replace the ByteBlaster II. In addition our Hardware supports programming for all common devices and boundary scan test.

Pin 1 TCK Target Clock
Pin 2 GND ground
Pin 3 TDO Target Data Out from the device
Pin 4 VCC Power
Pin 5 TMS JTAG Test Mode Select (Controls the JTAG State Machine)
Pin 6   No connection
Pin 7   No connection
Pin 8   No connection
Pin 9 TDI Target Data into the device
Pin 10 GND ground

For Pinout and connector information for other tools and devices, please visit our JTAG Connector Pinout Page.

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