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JTestr - JTAG & Ethernet Controllable Universal Functional Tester

  • Advanced Safety
  • Compact & Integrated
  • Ease of Use
  • Multiple SW Platforms
  • Debugging tools
  • ​LED / Optical Testing
  • Bed of Nails Integration



J-Testr is a highly compact ‘all-in-one’ modular functional test system controllable via JTAG and Ethernet.

The small physical footprint and stowage features maximise the use of production space and also makes the J-Testr portable and easy to store.

J-Testr has both Ethernet and native JTAG communication interfaces so users can work with JTAG boundary scan tools and more conventional functional test software or scripting languages like Python. Driver examples for common Test Executives, scripting languages and JTAG test platforms are provided to allow users to choose their own preferred test software environment and operating system.

The J-Testr programming interface has been designed for flexibility, speed and simplicity. All internal functions are accessed via simple memory mapped 16-bit register sets, making any engineer with some micro-controller knowledge instantly at home.

Advanced debugging tools such as the ‘free’ open-source J-Debugr graphical debugging tool and low cost breakout cards help test engineers develop test code with ease, speed and confidence.

The J-Testr is designed with ‘test in mind’ and includes many advanced features to make testing both simple and safe. This includes the unique ‘J-Safe’ technology which provides high speed system shutdown in cases where the UUT may be at risk of damage.


Multiple UUT mounting options, including ‘bed of Nails’, allows the most suitable mechanical solution to be selected dependent on test volumes and budget.

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Choice of SW Platforms
With a simple register based Ethernet and JTAG HW comms interfaces, the J-Testr can be controlled from any SW platform. Free example drivers available!

Easy Debugging tools
For fast test code development it is essential to have easy debugging tools. The Free open-source J-Debugr SW allows you to debug just like with a micro-controller.

Complete UUT protection
The advanced safety provided by the built-in J-Safe technology ensures that the UUT is protected from unknown critical faults often present on untested circuits

Bed of Nails Compatible
The J-Testr’s compact size allows it to be fitted easily into any Bed of Nails fixture and also has the option of an ‘off the self’ J-Testr+ solution 

Top UUT Mounting Plate
With easy to use, low cost, top mounting plate your UUT can be easily mounted with multiple cabling options. Suitable for lower volume productions

Unique “J-Mount” System
Low cost, simple, fast and effective UUT PCB Assembly mounting system for low/mid volume or bench testing applications 

Direct UUT Plugging
Suitable UUTs can even be plugged direct to the ‘easy to design’ custom interposer card, allowing a cable free test system.

​ Complete Optical Testing Support
Complete simple & easy interface and software support for the versatile FEASA LED Analyzers allowing testing of 1 to 400+ LEDs

Unique Peripheral Cards
The unique simulation peripheral cards plug direct to the system and user interposer card in one action, eliminating connection cables & improving system reliability.

Hardware Functional Test System


System Benefits

  • Flexible Device under test (DUT) interface, including a user-definable interface board and options for ‘Bed of Nails’ fixtures.
  • Manages power and temperature with over temperature/voltage/current shutdown protection.
  • Protects your investment – can be quickly re-configured to work with new hardware.
  • Custom I/O supported –  ‘open hardware’ interface circuitry provides obsolescence protection and give engineers full flexibility to design the I/O they need.
  • One Cohesive software environment to control ‘DUT’ and ‘Stimulus’ all via the JTAG  bus or ethernet
  • Reduced cable connections for increased reliability.
  • Compact, portable solution can be integrated into test fixtures and saves room on the production floor.
  • Low cost Interposer card makes it quick and easy to connect to your DUT including “Bed of Nails” fixtures from Everett Charles Technologies

I/O Cards

  • Power Supply Card – Dual 2.5v – 15v (@ 5A) or Dual 5v – 30v (@3A)  Programmable up/down ramp plus monitoring and  sequencing support
  • Load Module Card – Power Supply load testing up to 16A/80W
  • JTAG  I/O Card – 128 GPIOs
  • Custom Card – User-definable I/O board
  • Timer/counter Card –  Up to 75Mhz frequency  and 5ns resolution pulse response
  • A/D and D/A Card – 16 inputs and 16 outputs total:  ADC/DAC (16-bit) card  with a programmable external multiplexer