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JTAG Boundary Scan and Production Test Tools

Etoolsmiths Test Tools and Services

Etoolsmiths is the US  distributor for the XJTAG family of Boundary Scan Products as well as complimentary functional board test and embedded testing products. We provide technical support, local stock and engineering services to customers designing and testing printed circuit boards.

If you would like to see what our tools can do in your environment, we can do a set of tests on your hardware as part of your evaluation at no charge. To request your free set of tests, contact us on: 800-928-6038 or fill out our online form. Learn more about our products>>

The XJTAG  Boundary SCAN tools are easy to use, yet powerful and include:

  • A Free set of tests for your board–done by us during the evaluation
  • Support for all the latest 1149.x standards
  • An extensive device test library with full source included
  • Tools to support hardware bring up as well as production test creation
  • Highly productive, yet easy to use tools

Our tools are used by Industry leaders worldwide to create tests for printed circuit boards, to improve test coverage and to reduce overall test times.

The XJTAG solution helps make you more productive in all phases of development and test including:

  • Design for Test/Test Coverage Enhancement – get coverage figures before you commit to first hardware and avoid costly re-spins
  • Prototype Hardware Board Bring Up – get you access to pins under surface mount devices, use our test library to verify new hardware quickly and easily
  • Hardware Validation – detect opens, shorts and stuck at faults, validate your board with at-speed and functional tests
  • FLASH, FPGA and CPLD In-System Programming – one tool for all devices, extensive library, fast load times
  • Test Creation and Development – automatic chain detection and test matching (based on BOM data) helps you get running fast
  • Production Board Repair – show the nets and pins involved in an error, then, direct the user to a picture and schematic view of the issue
  • Production GUI Support and Development – tests can be accessed from: LabVIEW, TestStand, C#, C++ and VB APIs
  • Field Engineering and Service – small, portable hardware is perfect for field and depot repair applications

Others Tools and Services Provided

To help round out our solutions, Etoolsmiths provides professional consulting services including turn-key test development, custom fixtures,  embedded diagnostics software and technical training.

No matter what hardware platform you use, from PowerPC to MIPS to ARM, or even an FPGA based system–we can help you verify, debug, validate and test your hardware so that you can focus on debugging your code.

Embedded Diagnostic Tests (Hardware At-Speed validation)

To deploy modern electronic products that employ embedded software like embedded LINUX, RTOS products in concert with embedded boot loaders such as Uboot, you need a thoroughly debugged and tested hardware platform.

Boundary SCAN tools do a great job of testing your hardware for opens, shorts and stuck at faults, but what about at-speed validation of your hardware?

Etoolsmiths provides at-speed embedded tests and diagnostics to compliment boundary scan and functional test.

Board/Hardware Bring Up (Initial Hardware Bring-up)

Bring up new hardware is a critical stage in your design. If you get bogged down here, your whole schedule can suffer. Etoolsmiths provides specific tools to help bring up and debug initial prototypes and help to get your project off to a solid start. Contact us today to discuss your test requirements today.