Hardware Functional Test System

 J-Testr is a functional test product that works standalone or with existing JTAG systems. J-Testr is fully integrated with the XJTAG Boundary Scan tools.

The system provides a complete functional test environment  at a significant reduction in cost.

jtestr1-300x282It uses a unique interface to the device under test that avoids the complex cabling found in many functional test systems.9830924_orig

Cabling is further simplified by the built in programmable power supply with full over current and over voltage prevention/shutdown capability. The system has the following benefits:

System Benefits

  • Flexible Device under test (DUT) interface, including a user-definable interface board and options for ‘Bed of Nails’ fixtures.
  • Manages power and temperature with over temperature/voltage/current shutdown protection.
  • Protects your investment – can be quickly re-configured to work with new hardware.
  • Custom I/O supported –  ‘open hardware’ interface circuitry provides obsolescence protection and give engineers full flexibility to design the I/O they need.
  • One Cohesive software environment to control ‘DUT’ and ‘Stimulus’ all via the JTAG  bus or ethernet
  • Reduced cable connections for increased reliability.
  • Compact, portable solution can be integrated into test fixtures and saves room on the production floor.
  • Low cost Interposer card makes it quick and easy to connect to your DUT including “Bed of Nails” fixtures from Everett Charles Technologies

J-Testr provides a full featured  power and monitoring, thermal shutdown and stimulation environment to a Device Under Test (DUT).

The system supports control from both  XJTAG hardware and software  interface or  Ethernet.

I/O Cards

The system supports the following I/O cards as well as a user-definable card that allows you or us to create any type of custom I/O needed.

  • Power Supply Card – Dual 2.5v – 15v (@ 5A) or Dual 5v – 30v (@3A)  Programmable up/down ramp plus monitoring and  sequencing support
  • Load Module Card – Power Supply load testing up to 16A/80W
  • JTAG  I/O Card – 128 GPIOs
  • Custom Card – User-definable I/O board
  • Timer/counter Card –  Up to 75Mhz frequency  and 5ns resolution pulse response
  • A/D and D/A Card – 16 inputs and 16 outputs total:  ADC/DAC (16-bit) card  with a programmable external multiplexer

J-Testr is small enough to fit into most test fixtures and saves precious space on the manufacturing floor.

The system can be used with  ‘bed of Nails’, fixtures for maximum flexibility.

J-TESTR programming has been designed with speed and simplicity in mind. All functions are accessed via a simple memory mapped 16 bit register interface making any engineer with some micro-controller knowledge instantly at home.

Data Sheet

pdfDownload the J-Testr data Sheet

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