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Connector Vendors

  This page provides background on JTAG cables and connectors along with links to common JTAG connector vendors. You can also visit our Pin-outs pages for more information about the signals and pin-outs commonly used. Testing, programming or debugging a system via JTAG requires access to at least the 4 core signals used for communication between […]

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This page contains information on the commonly used connectors and pin outs for JTAG Boundary Scan testing and debug of hardware employing the ARM family of processors. If you do not see the pin out you are looking for, please request it in the comments section. ARM 20 Pin Connector Pin Out This is a header commonly […]

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JTAG  Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Pin out – “Standard (CES)” This standard configuration is typically used for FPGA (such as Xilinx) JTAG programming adapters. You can create a pinout to use our JTAG system using the description below. Pin Number                Signal name                  Signal Description 1                                      TCK                                   Test Clock Signal 2                                    Ground                             Ground 3                                    TDI                                     […]

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JTAG Pinouts and Connectors for PowerPC

This page contains details on PowerPC JTAG Connector Pinouts. These Pinouts can be used to interface a JTAG ICE or Boundary Scan test Device to your PowerPC board PowerPC 52XX, 74XX, 7XX, 82XX, 83XX, 85XX JTAG Pin Signal Name 1 1  TDO JTAG Test Data Out 2 2 Not Used (QACK -7XX only) 3 3 […]

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JTAG Connector Pinout

This page is a resource for JTAG connectors.  These connectors are commonly used to interface Boundary SCAN tools or JTAG Emulators to a system under test. A common JTAG interface will have 4 or 5 standard signals (TDI, TDO, TMS, TCK, TRST) and some number of optional pins depending on the device. There is no physical standard […]

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JTAG Pinout Altera ByteBlaster II

The Altera ByteBlaster II pin out is shown below. The JTAG signal are show along with there pin numbers. Our XJLink JTAG controller hardware fully supports this pin out as well as many other standard programming and confoiguration cabled. Since our  XJLink controller can replace the BYteBlaster II cable For additional information on the cable, […]

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